For a long time, cable companies have been selling bundles of channels and demanding that customers pay a flat fee which means you get Disney, Lifetime and Oprah's channel even if you don't want them.

But- it looks like things might be changing as more and more people are asking cable companies to allow them to unbundle channels. Consumers have spoken and they want to pick and choose what they subscribe to.

If this actually happens it could get expensive to watch sports, especially if you want to watch them on ESPN.

Did you know that right now, everyone who has cable pays $6.10 a month to have ESPN included in their bundle? If you didn't- surprise!

If the cable companies blow everything up and let people pick and choose their channels, Michael Nathanson, of MoffettNathanson Research says he thinks that ESPN will cost $36.30 a month.

That’s about $435 a year.

Would it be worth it?