Camping season will start soon and one of the greatest things about living where we do is that we don't have to travel a hundred miles to enjoy some outdoor fun because there are plenty of places to camp right here in the Southern Tier.

My wife and I bought a tent last year and we've started what we hope will become a new tradition- camping with friends. We've already been to a few local campgrounds, which included Chenango Valley State Park.

If you've never been to Chenango Valley State Park, you can expect to find picnic areas as well as plenty of campsites to enjoy, complete with swimming, fishing, and other activities.

Sometimes it’s just nice to get out and enjoy a couple of days or a week in the woods with friends and family. I like the fact that you don’t have to go far from your home to enjoy a place like Chenango Valley State Park.

If you’re looking for camping equipment or have any questions regarding supplies and general camping information, Eureka Camping Center at 625 Conklin Road in Binghamton are the experts on all things camping and camping equipment and have a nice selection of tents to keep you warm and dry this camping season.

If you stop  by Eureka Camping Center, make sure you ask for Bill!

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