I hate that my family's summer vacation plans are in flux yet again this year. Thanks a lot, pandemic.

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My family has a lake house in Canada but thanks to the border being closed (the closure has just been extended into late May) for the second summer season (sure, it could open, but month after month the closure gets extended, so we aren't holding our breath) we're fully expecting that we'll have to find a new vacation spot for this summer.

Last year, we went to Hampton Beach in New Hampshire for a four-day weekend in the middle of the off-season and it was glorious. The weather was fantastic and because we went before the full-blown summer season, we were able to enjoy the peace of the beach almost all to ourselves.

We had a fantastic time and took loads of photos, but one thing we didn't do was share those photos on social media or even post that we were out of town until we came back home. Sure, we had friends keeping an eye on our house when we were gone, but we still didn't want to announce to the world that we were away from home because that is one of the biggest ways to alert bad guys that your home is available to be pillaged.

As we step into vacation season, these are some things you absolutely should not do unless you want to alert burglars that you're up for being robbed.

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