The COVID-19 pandemic has people spending more time in their homes and in their kitchens, experimenting with things that perhaps they didn’t have time to concoct before the world forced them to slow down. One of the hottest drinks people are making these days is Dalgona coffee which is a cold latte drink with a velvety coffee foam skimming the top.

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When I first heard what one of the main ingredients is, my nose crinkled because let’s face it, instant coffee isn’t generally known for being delicious. I keep a jar of it in my pantry for extreme emergencies when I’ve run out of regular coffee and can’t wait to hit up the store or coffee shop to get my caffeine fix. I definitely never thought that I would reach for my instant coffee in an attempt to make something described as “velvety” and yet, here we are.

Listen, this was so good that when I offered my husband a lick of the spoon without telling him beforehand what he was tasting, his coffee hating self (I know, blasphemous) took it, grinned, told me it was delicious, and asked for more.

How to Make Dalgona Coffee


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