Snakes? Sure. Bears? Okay. Bobcats? Meh. Mice? NO WAY!

I lived 38 years of life without ever once seeing a mouse inside my house with my own two eyes. Sure, I knew they were there because I could sometimes hear them scamper in the attic above me, but as far as visually seeing them – that didn’t happen.

Until my husband and I moved to the country and somehow, we became the pied piper of mice except instead of clearing them away, we, it would seem attracted them.

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I can handle a lot of things but seeing a mouse, whether large or small IN MY HOUSE, is something that I was not born to tolerate. If you’re really not a fan of mice or rats or any other form of rodent, bad news.

The pest people at The Pest Dude have issued a prediction that will no doubt make your blood run cold – rodent activity INSIDE homes all across New York is expected to really pick up in the next week or so.

We’ve lucked out with warmer temperatures for much of the winter season, but we’re walking into what is generally the coldest part of the year and that means rodents, specifically mice, will be looking for sheltered places that are warm and cozy. Like your attic or basement.

Zachary Smith, owner of The Pest Dude says that the best way you can tell if you’ve got rodents, other than seeing them scamper with your own two eyes it to “look out for nests, droppings and gnaw marks. The animals will also shred attic insulation, cardboard and other soft materials to make their nests.”

If you want to fight back against the little invaders, you’ll need to get your rear in gear and start tackling a few things.

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Smith suggests that you immediately seal all the entry points to your home, make sure that all trees around your house are trimmed at least three feet from your roof line, check your vents, don’t leave food around that rodents love such as fruit, clean up any mouse poo you find right away, introduce natural predators (you’ve always wanted a cat, right?), and if all else fails, try using repellents or hazing your house.

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