I am the WORST at trying to pack for a long weekend or a vacation. I go into survival mode and literally fill the back seat of my car with everything I have. It’s snowing outside, better bring my sandals. We’re going to Florida? Better back all three pairs of my sweatpants. I am the definition of overpacker.

I bring every single pair of shoe I own when I visit my parents, even though I know I’ll spend most of the weekend laying on the couch with my pup Meadow.

I actually needed to Google “How not to overpack,” in order to condition myself to stop doing it. This is what I found.

Don’t take any dirty laundry with you. If your clothes are fresh and nicely folded you will be able to fit more. Don’t go into survival mode like me and throw everything you got into a bag.

Know where you are going. If there is laundry services available you can actually afford to bring less. You can wash your clothes a few times and not worry about overpacking.’

Don’t wait until the last minute. I am a pro at this. If you wait until the last minute you will tend to overpack. Instead try and pack a few times and eliminate certain items as you go.

Last minutes items will be your downfall. After you pack leave your bag alone in a place where it won’t be bothered. All last-minute items should be stored in a backpack or carry-on if you are flying.

Group items together. If you plan on using a different outfit each night, pack the outfits together. If you are going on a hike, put your boots and hiking accessories together. This will help you avoid just throwing a bunch of stuff in a bag.

[via tripsavvy]

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