For the record, I love Christmas. It's my absolute favorite time of year and it doesn't matter what age it says I am on the ol' calendar, you're never too old to enjoy the priceless feelings you encounter between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

However, you might think the holidays last roughly 3 months -- even longer, judging by store decorations going up long before the actual holiday takes place.

My fiancee and I were shopping today and twice we saw a large amount of Christmas-themed decorations in stores. One store had wreaths and ornaments, lined up as far as the eye can see!

Credit: Chris Owen
Credit: Chris Owen

We do still have Halloween in three weeks, then another month until Thanksgiving.

Now, if I see any peppermint bark on store shelves, well perhaps we can just let Christmas come early every year because that stuff should be sold year-round!

It does seem like we have this conversation every year too. Have you seen any Christmas stuff up yet at nearby retailers?


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