We love the convenience of online shopping, but there is one pesky problem that often pops up: package theft. Those "porch pirates" that can't resist taking our package off the porch. Here is some good news,  there are savvy ways we can outsmart these thieves and keep our packages safe.

According to a recent survey, over one-quarter of consumers have been a victim to package theft. The average price of a stolen package is $81.91, so these thieves are walking away with some valuable property.

So, what can we do as New Yorkers to protect our packages? Here are some tips.

Track Your Orders

Nearly 90% of people say they keep a close eye on their online orders after they buy them. This is one way to keep track of when your package should arrive on your porch.

Be Home for Deliveries

I know that it's not always possible but try to be home when you're expecting a delivery. 57% of people say that they stay at home to get their packages, which helps to prevent porch pirates from snatching them away.

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Consider Doorbell Cameras

Surveillance doorbell cameras, like Ring, were used by 46% of people to keep an eye on their deliveries. This is a great way to deter thieves from trying it in the first place and you can also watch your porch to see when your packages arrive.

Invest in Home Security

20% of people have bought a doorbell camera or home security product in the last year to help protect their property and packages. What you spend on your security will be worth it when it saves you time and money of a stolen delivery.

Stay Informed on AI Technology

More than a third (36%) of people that that AI technology is a game-changer when it comes to preventing package theft. Delivery companies like UPS already use AI to help reduce the risk of theft.

Whether you're avoiding expensive online purchases because of theft concerns or you want the peace of mind when it comes to buying online, remember that preparing ahead of time can go a long way in keeping your packages safe from the not-so-jolly porch pirates.

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