The world around us is changing fast and I'll let you decide if it's for the better or worse. On Tuesday, August 1st, a ban on ALL incandescent light bulbs officially went into effect.

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Earlier this year, New York became the first state that plans to ban the sale of gas stoves, hot water heaters and oil furnaces. However the next crackdown on another appliance could be even worse than the the gas stove ban.

The EPA has a pending rule that would outlaw almost all new central air-conditioners by 2025. That means the cost of staying cool in the summer will rise and beginning next year, the pain could be as unbearable as the Phoenix heat in the summertime.

The EPA has announced a 40% production cut beginning next year for hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). Even before this takes place, the 10% cut in force now has already made many HFC's to triple in price, including the HFC-C410a that is used in most home air conditioners.

If you were upset about the gas stove regulations, this could really make your temperature rise when costly air conditioning regulations take effect. So if your current air conditioner is in need of repair, you may want to get it taken care of now instead of later.

With stricter production costs next summer, that will send refrigerant costs through the roof along with repair costs too. The war on air conditioning (and other home appliances) is heating up and that will make most of us hot under the collar.

Don't be surprised if water heaters, washing machines, even ceiling fans are in the cross hairs next.

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