‘Tis the season to tip. And if you're like me, you probably struggle with knowing exactly who you should tip and how much you should give them. You don't want to give too much of a tip because then you'll be left broke, but you don't want to give too little because then you'll look like a Scrooge and nobody wants to come across as a Scrooge!

Not everyone can afford to leave a tip and if this is something you face, at least send a nice personalized card. You don’t need to go into detail why you didn’t include a tip, but be sure to wish the person well, and mean the words that you say or write.

However, if you are able to give financially, the Daily Worth has some great tips on tipping.

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    For People You See and Tip Regularly

    If it's someone you see all the time, like your hairdresser, give them double the amount that you generally tip.

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    Fee Based Providers

    For people like babysitters and pet sitters what you want to do is tip them what the cost of a visit would normally be. So, if you pay them $50 each visit a couple times a month, your tip should be between $25­ and $50.  If they went above and beyond for you this year, feel free to give a little more.

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    Skilled Professionals

    If it's someone such as a teacher, or tutor that you don't usually tip, send them a small gift such as cookies and a card.

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