The new psychological thriller 'A Quiet Place' is taking the world by storm. It currently is crushing the site Rotten Tomatoes with a 95% rating. John Krasinski burst onto the scene in the hit show 'The Office' and is now starting to tackle the big screen, as an actor AND director in this horror film.
The movie follows a family of four that must navigate through a treacherous situation. The monsters and creatures that are on the hunt only hunt by sounds, so the family must communicate through other means.

Naturally if John Krasinski is in a film, his past life as Jim on 'The Office' will be brought up and. naturally, a YouTube video was thrown together.

Some genius took clips from the 'A Quiet Place' trailer and mixed them with clips of Jim in 'The Office.'

The new trailer features clips of Dwight Schrute and his crazy and unusual family, and flawlessly ties in some of the most iconic scenes from 'The Office.' This video took some time to create, and it blends together so well. The name 'A Dwight Place' is absolutely hilarious.

'The Office' is currently steaming on Netflix , and you can check out screening times for 'A Quiet Place' here.

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