Sometimes I get sad when I think about the world. When did everything get so serious and when did people start getting so scared about every little thing?

A high school in Virginia cracked down on a 12-year-old kid who was wearing a Duck Dynasty T-shirt because it “implies violence.”

The shirt shows Uncle Si, the old, bearded guy from Duck Dynasty, with his fist clenched. The shirt reads: “I will hurt you physically and metaphysically” which is a joke. Anyone who watches the show knows that Uncle Si mangles his words in funny ways.

Joke or no joke, school officials ended up banning the shirt. Superintendent of Schools, David Clark said he was worried that people who are not familiar with the show might be frightened.

Again, when did we become a world so scared of “frightening people” that pretty much everything is banned? On that same note- a friend from high school posted an old class photo to Facebook and my classmates and I discussed our memories of that year. I mentioned that it was the year that a girl in my class became deathly sick and that I remembered the teacher asking the whole class to pray for her. Can you imagine the backlash that teacher would face if she put forth that request in a classroom today?