Do you ever have a moment of realization and think to yourself, whoa this is big.

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Well, this is big.

Or, perhaps because you're better at math and paying attention to details than me, you already knew this hack to get the best price per chicken nugget at McDonald's.

Now, all McDonald's restaurants set their own prices to a degree, they are a chain but owned by individual franchisees. But for the sake of comparison, we'll use the prices from my local store.

Conventional wisdom says that you'll save money buying in larger quantities, which is why I always buy the 80-pack of toilet paper at Sam's Club because savings.

But when it comes to McDonald's, bigger isn't better after all.

We spent too much time in the drive-thru line and figured out the price per nugget and found that the 4-piece was the cheapest per nugget, while the 10-piece ranked at the worst value per nugget.

Here are the numbers:

4-piece at $1.29 = 32 cents per nugget
6-piece at $2.00 = 33 cents per nugget
10-piece at $4.49 = 45 cents per nugget
20-piece at $6.99 = 35 cents per nugget

Mind. Blown.

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