Forget shopping while drunk, shopping while in quarantine is a real thing.

Even though I go to work every day, when I come home that's it. I'm in for the day. With all of us in quarantine, we have a tendency to get a little click and ship happy. Yes, I'm talking about online shopping.

I'm guilty of it.

Currently, I have a package that's on it's way to my apartment. The problem is I have zero idea what I ordered.

Have you been blindly online shopping? What's the weirdest thing you've purchased while staying at home?

I know that there are a ton of things I haven't hit the purchase button yet for. Like the 20th-anniversary vinyl NSYNC No Strings Attached album. I have a feeling two glasses of wine and rainy weather will convince me to make that purchase official.

Head over to our Facebook page and let us know what you've purchased online. Thursday morning I'll reveal what was in the package that I'm apparently getting today.

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