It's hard to believe Halloween is just about 10 and a half weeks away. And the way this summer is flying by, It will be here before you know it.

You may have seen the Halloween candy showing up in stores already. Chris and I noticed it a couple of weeks ago and it's the earliest I've ever seen it. But will the kids be trick-or treating this year? That's just one of many Halloween questions that were asked in a new survey.

According to PR Newswire, Parlor City conducted a survey and found that 96% of parents are still planning on celebrating Halloween this year. However, 70% of the people surveyed said they are looking for alternatives to traditional trick or treating.

Some of the suggestions that came from the survey included neighborhood parades, leaving treats in bags on porches so that way there is no contact being made, and even just going overboard on Halloween decorations.

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The survey also asked people what costumes they were leaning towards purchasing this year. According to the report, the most popular costumes that people are planning on buying this year include Tiger King costumes, Wonder Woman costumes, costumes of characters from horror movies, video game characters, and with the election in November, politicians or anything that is related to politics should also be popular this year.

Trunk or treating has become more and more popular every year in the Binghamton area. That's where groups of people gather together and put candy in the trunks of their Halloween decorated cars, and kids in costumes walk up and take some candy. I wonder if that will be even more popular this year do to the Coronavirus.

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