If there is one thing I always like to have, it’s a nice haircut. I enjoy a nice high and tight haircut because I think it makes me look nice (or at least gives that illusion). A great haircut can do wonders for self-confidence.

That being said I don’t think I could ever let someone light my hair on fire! This video has gone viral a few times over the years now, but it is still memorizing.

The technique of burning hair into a style seems to have originated from India or somewhere in that proximity. It involves a powder, a lighter, and two combs and a whole bunch of trust.

The barber shakes a powder into his client’s hair and then sets it ablaze. He then combs and combs and combs the hair until it stays in his desired styling. This requires an astonishing amount of skill and a little stupidity by the client.


He then repeats the process!

I am always amazed when this video reappears on the internet and cannot stop watching. I then got stuck in a YouTube wormhole where I couldn’t stop clicking and found that some stylists use candles to burn and cut hair! INSANE!

So, the question is: would you try it?



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