We all have things we enjoy that we would rather keep to ourselves, here are some facts about “Our Guilty Pleasures” along with a few of mine.

I think many times people make much out of nothing at all and when it comes to things we might deem embarrassing, others may find endearing.

Guilty Pleasures are often defined as things we shouldn’t really like, but we find ourselves enjoying anyway.

The most popular types of GP’s are songs that we sing along with or play when no one is around, movies that do not fit our persona, like a 250-pound mountain of a man binge watching Sex and the City.

I once had an Uncle who liked to get a kids meal when he went to a fast food drive thru, his explanation was he was on a diet and was trying to lose some weight and the portions in kids meal were smaller.

Needless to say, my cousin and I laughed hysterically and told everyone about it.

I have a few things that I consider guilty pleasures so here are a few of mine.

Doug's Guilty Pleasures

  •  I like Neil Sedaka’s song “Laughter in the Rain”
  • I watch “Highway to Heaven” on Netflix’s
  • AND I love Judge Judy.

So now you know a few of my Guilty Pleasures.

Kind of felt good to get those off my chest.

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