It was a little bit of good news during the governor's daily press conference today.

As hospitalizations and intubations have declined over the last few days, Gov. Andrew Cuomo stated today the COVID-19 pandemic looks like it has stabilized upstate according to a CBS 6 report. Unfortunately the number of deaths each day continue to remain high with another 738 reported today.

While the spread of the virus upstate may be stabilized, the governor also stated we must stay the course with stay at home efforts for the time being to continue that trend. CBS 6 did report the governor will put a team together to start looking into when it could possible be feasible to start opening things back up again.

So while we sill have no end date in sight for this whole situation, hearing the word 'stabilized' was encouraging today. Hopefully the number of deaths starts to decline like everything else over the coming days as those numbers are the most heartbreaking to hear.

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