I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m starting to get older. Or, maybe it’s because I’m so aware of how easy it is for someone to steal an identity. Either way, I’ve become extremely careful about the permissions that I give to various apps that I download. If an app requires permissions I’m not comfortable with, I won’t download it.

I do think this is kind of neat, but at the same time, it’s also terrifying. Google really does know everything- including what music you want to listen to- and without you even saying a word to the program.

Google recently added a new feature to Google Play Music and this feature will allow Google look through everything you do, who you call, what's on your calendar, what you've posted on social media, written in emails, and who you've texted. They will see literally everything.  After the app it gathers all of that information, it will pick the perfect playlist for your mood.

About to hit up the gym? Google will know and come up with a playlist to get your pumped. Winding down and about to go to bed? Google knows that, too, and will create a playlist to lull you to sleep.

[via New York Post]