Glenn and I walked into work together this morning in silence. It wasn't until we sat down in the studio that we started to talk and pour out our hearts to each other about all of the things happening in the world causing us so much sadness and loss of sleep.

We found that it was therapeutic to unload our troubles on each other, but then we started sharing happy news about our lives (Glenn's headed to the home opener for the Binghamton Devils, my in-laws are visiting this weekend), and we discovered that suddenly, all of that sadness that we'd felt earlier started to fade. Before we knew it, we were smiling and laughing and we both commented that it felt as though a huge weight of sadness and despair had been lifted from our shoulders.

A few years ago, we used to do a weekly feature on Monday mornings called "Good News Monday," where we'd invite people to call in and share the good things happening in their lives. But then life happened. I had a baby and by the time I got back from maternity leave, Good News Monday just sort of fizzled away.

This world that we live in is so filled with sadness and we think it's time to start talking about the good things in life again. The world needs more goodness. The world needs more love. The world needs to be uplifted.

We know we're not going to be able to change the hearts of the entire world, but maybe sharing good news here in our little piece of the world will make a difference. And so, we're bringing back Good News Monday.

Each Monday morning, the Hawk Morning Show is going to focus on the positive things happening in life and we want to shout out your good news to the world. Did you get through a whole weekend without the kids dumping their toys all over the living room? That's big! Tell us about it! Did you or someone you love get engaged? We want to hear the story! Did you move into a new neighborhood and meet some nice neighbors? Share!

Whatever the good is that's recently happened in your life, we want to hear about it and share it with others to remind them that goodness still exists.  Share your news with us by calling us at 607-720-9801 Monday mornings between 6am and 9am, by leaving a comment or message on our Facebook or Instagram pages, or by filling out the form below.

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