I've eaten many meals with Glenn Pitcher and have seen how capable he is of packing away food, but on Saturday, I got to watch him chow down competition style. Lucky girl, huh?

Glenn was one of a handful of contestants to participate in this weekend's Central New York Maple Festival in Marathon. He was competing to raise money for the NorthPointe Church Wishing Well. The Wishing Well helps families in the greater Binghamton area through financial assistance as well as through emotional and spiritual support.

Only Glenn would follow his introduction to the pancake eating contest with jumping jacks and push ups. Watch how it happened:

The pancake eating contest lasted for 15 minutes and if you listen carefully, you might hear me yelling for Glenn to stop talking so much and to shove the pancakes in his mouth ( you know that I had to razz him) and you'll see him motioning to his mouth telling me he was trying to chew and swallow as quickly as possible:

Glenn didn't win the contest, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that over $9,000 was raised for local charities. So how many pancakes did Glenn eat? You'll have to watch this to find out:

I just want to mention how much I enjoyed my time in Marathon. It reminded me of the little town in which I used to live in Vermont (minus the mountains). I love small towns where everybody knows everybody and there's a strong sense of community pride. Where things aren't always perfect, but when it matters, neighbors come together to help neighbors. I felt very welcomed and can't wait to visit again!

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