This girl has a unique way of asking her boyfriend if he loves her.  Her name is Janet Brooks. She's 22 years old and she called the police, and said she'd been kidnapped in her parking lot to see if her boyfriend cared about her.

Janet from Clermont, Florida told the police that a group of guys forced her into the trunk of their vehicle while brandishing a gun, then stopped and tossed her out at a park. The cops, doing what they do best, took a look at the surveillance video from the parking lot. where low and behold, she comes waltzing out by herself.

The police started questioning her about it, and that's when she admitted she made the whole thing up because she was pretty sure another woman was making moves on her boyfriend, and she wanted to test if he truly cared about her.

She was abruptly, and quite swiftly, charged with filing a false police report.

Now, her relationship status? There's no word on how her boyfriend reacted to the "kidnapping" or the news that it was hogwash. My opinion, if he stays with her after she shows this insane level of crazy, he may actually love her. Or... he's a loon as well.

[Via: Palm Beach Post]