Fathers Day is Sunday and if you haven't figured out what you are going to do for him, here are some of the top gift idea's for Dad.

So we don't repeat the history of bad Father's day gifts, stay away from ties, socks, and a gym membership, as a Dad I wouldn't want these things, I can buy them on my own.

Dad's favorite gifts are things like Power Tools, Barbecue Accessories, a Watch, Beer and tickets to a sporting event.

I think most dads like to have some time with their kids this weekend, so if you live in the same area, I suggest taking him to out to eat, maybe a picnic in the park, or inviting him to your home for a nice meal.

If he doesn't live in your area, give him a call or set up a Skype or face time on your I-phone or computer if possible.

I never seem to have a problem figuring out what to get my dad, he loves sports, he's a Yankee, Knicks and Giants fan, and he loves to eat, so we'll take him to breakfast.

I am also lucky to still have him with me, many people do not have their father anymore, and mine will celebrate his 85th birthday next Thursday.

Whatever you do take a few minutes to let your dad know you love him, sharing some time or reaching out to him will say it best.

Best Wishes to all Dads for a great Fathers Day weekend from all of us at 98.1 The Hawk.

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