When Garth Brooks offers extravagant gifts to fans, he means it.

Brooks has made many a promise to loyal fans throughout the duration of his massive comeback World Tour. He promised a trip to Hawaii for a couple that got engaged at his show, and vowed to pay for the college tuition of an unborn baby for a couple that announced a gender reveal at another gig. While these gifts may seem too lavish to fulfill, leave it to Brooks and his wife Trisha Yearwood to bring them to fruition.

During the CMA Country Christmas taping in Nashville in November, Yearwood explained to Taste of Country and other media how they follow through on their promises.

"Somebody goes out and says, 'Okay, like for real I need your phone number because we're not kidding,'" she describes. "And we keep in touch and we figure it out." Yearwood has made her own fans' dreams come true, fulfilling the aspiration of one fan who was fighting a deadly disease.

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"A lady one night, she was going through cancer, she yelled out, 'I want to bake a cake with you,' and we made it happen. We did it in Nashville not too long ago," she says.

Free college tuition is one of the biggest gifts Brooks has offered, and while it will cost the couple a pretty penny, they plan to stay true to his promise.

"The college tuition's the first one of those we've done, so that's going to take a while. So in 18 years, that's going to happen," Yearwood vows. "I'm thinking, 'Tuition in 18 years, I have no idea what that's going to be,' but we're going to put some money aside."

Brooks and Yearwood will conclude the North American leg of their three-year tour with a six-night stay at Nashville's Bridgestone Arena, ending on Dec. 22.

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