Garth Brooks rocked Albany for three nights over the weekend. Ask anyone that attended, they'll tell you it was a night that won't be forgotten and worth every penny paid.

It started with Karyn Rochelle. She's from Nashville and her family is from Binghamton. She even gave a shout-out to her family and Binghamton and asked them if they brought spiedies. She also sings back-up for Garth.

Here's another Binghamton connection. Garth's tour manager is also from Binghamton. Her name is Tracy. Here's a Garth Brooks and Glenn Pitcher connection to add to the list. Tracy's Dad was the owner of Howdy Jones Ballpark in Little Meadows. It was home to some of the best softball in the area and several national champions called that ballpark it's home.

That ballpark was where I got my start as an announcer. I would ride my bike to the park (I was only 14) and someone would give me a ride home. Tracy would work at the ballpark. Oh yeah, we even went to school together for a few years.

Chris Lane (Fix/For Her) was next and then it was Garth Brook's turn. He would take a little break in the middle to let his wife, Trisha Yearwood sing a few song's including "She's in Love With the Boy."

There was a guy and girl in the audience named Katie and Tommy (same as the names in the song) and she autographed their sign and then Garth gave them his guitar.

Then at the very end, he would sing song's that people requested and the show would end after 11pm. On Sunday, he played until 11:40.

So what was your favorite moment at the concert?

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