It's always cool when we see a celebrity or favorite artist post something that comes up on our news feed or time line, but the truth is - very rarely do they control their own social media sites. They've got a team for that and it makes sense! They are busy people who probably don't have 5 minutes to send a few tweets and instagram their #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day, Glenn).

Well, Garth Brooks recently joined Facebook and Twitter and announced that he does all of the posting and tweeting by himself! He does have a team that tweets once in a while, but he does majority of the tweeting alone and will even tweet back to some fans! When asked about having a social media team, Garth said, "I think it's kind of dangerous to have someone else do it for you. I just don't like somebody else speaking for me."

He is still learning the ropes, but says that he is determined to get to a point where he can do everything on his own! By looking at his Twitter account, it appears as if this may be his favorite social media app! When asked about Twitter, he said, "That's a fun thing. I mean, it's like, nothing between you and them. I love that .. I love that you can do it any time. Two in the morning, two in the afternoon."

He even ends all of his tweets with "love, g." DOES IT GET ANY CUTER THAN THAT?!

Although it took Garth a long time to join social media, he thinks now is the right time since his youngest just went off to college. He said, "The kids are all gone, we're out on tour, and people want to know about that? Heck yeah, I can talk about that all day long!"

You can follow Garth Brooks on Twitter @GarthBrooks and don't forget to follow us, too @981TheHawk!

Now, if we could only teach Glenn how to tweet... THAT would be interesting!