Early in my married life, my wife and I would camp at various places in New York State, Virginia, and Maryland, but there came a time when we decided to go the next step in the camping experience and purchase a camper.

While it's still kind of camping, when you have a rolling house that has just about everything your home has, that's not true camping. And there's nothing wrong with that. And for those who are in between the roughing it camping phase, but may not want to get into the purchase phase of campers, the new way to experience the great outdoors is by 'Glamping.'

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Glamping gives you the experience of a tent, but with added comforts like a bed, electricity, TV, refrigerator, bathroom and shower facilities, fireplace, and other things you may find in a hotel room.

And while I have seen pictures of places around the country that offer some really nice Glamping places to rent, I wasn't aware of the number of places set up as Glamping sites just outside the Binghamton area. I found quite a few when I visited the Trip Advisor website and checked out areas in and around the Binghamton and Southern Tier of New York.

This is another great vacation getaway in a tent without having to drag along all that camping gear and sleep on the ground in a musty old sleeping bag. Sure, the summer outdoor season is several months away, but there's no harm in checking out what a Gamping experience might bring you on your next vacation.

via Trip Advisor

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