Over the summer of 2021, my wife and I tried something we'd never done before. We took our two Greyhounds and Whippet on an overnight trip to attend a Greyhound gathering in Southern Pennsylvania.

It would require spending a night in a pet-friendly hotel. We weren't sure how that was going to work out. While the two boys - one a Greyhound, the other a Whippet are up for any trip out of the house, our girl, a Greyhound gets nervous about everything, including wind.

We made the four-hour trip with no issues, and upon checking in, found that we were being put in a room on the second floor, completely opposite from where the dog walk area was located. The challenge would be using an elevator every time we needed to take the dogs out for their business. Using stairs would be difficult, especially for our male Greyhound since he broke his leg during his time at a Greyhound racetrack, and he doesn't do stairs well, especially two flights of them.

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Surprisingly, our girl and Whippet were no problem. Our male Greyhound though for whatever reason, did not like being in a hotel. It was a rough night, to be honest, and we didn't get much sleep due to his uneasiness.

The rest of the trip went by with no major issues. I was appreciative that there was a hotel that allows pets in the room and wondered if there are any places in the Greater Binghamton area that allow pets. So, I went about asking the question on social media, got back some business names. If you know of any more, let me know and I will add them to the list.

Just a bit of advice. These businesses were submitted from our question on Facebook, and some may have certain rules or no longer accept pets, so call ahead before bringing Fido along.

Pet Friendly Binghamton Area Businesses

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