I grew up in small-town/cities, and for a time in the country. I'm glad I had that experience. There was nothing quite like living in a small town, especially in the 60s and 70s when I was growing up.

Almost every small town or city has a main street. Some have thrived, but some have had a bumpy ride over the past couple of decades or so. Nevertheless, we love our main streets. They are the backbone of our community.

I lived on Main Street, Campbell, NY for a few years when I was in elementary school, and it was a great place to live. We had a couple of local stores, churches, a post office, and at one end the school which housed elementary, middle, and high school students, all in one building.

My friends and I would ride up and down Main Street on our bikes every weekend with no worries. It was a safe community. We would trick-or-treat on Halloween at as many homes as our parents allowed. It was such an innocent time on our main street.

Main streets continue to survive. Sure, there may be some national chains on the main street, but there are also many local businesses on the main street USA that we love to shop at. Keeping as much of our hard-earned money in the community is important.

Broome County has many towns, villages, and cities that boast a main street. And so, we thought we'd highlight a few. There are many more of course and welcome you to brag about your community's main street as well.

Broome County Main Streets

h/t to Big Chuck

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