I may be in the minority, but I have yet to complete my holiday shopping. I keep telling myself today will be the day, but it never happens. My advice to people like myself is to wait. Yes, wait!

This Friday is another unofficial shopping holiday. It’s Free Shipping Day!

Free Shipping Day has actually been occurring for about 10 years, but social media has really picked up on it this year. It is basically the cut off date for ordering items GUARANTEED to arrive by Christmas. You also get free shipping on top of that. It’s a win/win for all of us who have been procrastinating.

Sometimes merchants require a minimum amount you need to spend before your free shipping kicks in. on December 15th these rules are thrown out of the window and you can receive free shipping on everything. Last I checked there were 823 merchants that were participating. Everyone from Target, to Bed Bath and Bodyworks, even The Popcorn Factory and their amazing cheesy popcorn.

For a full list of Free Shipping Day participants click here.

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