Next week, May 7th - May 11th, is Teacher Appreciation Week, and there is no better way to say "thank you" than free food. Right?!

The days of gift baskets and maybe a nice card are still here, but nothing warms the heart more than a nice, voluptuous burrito. Stuffed with chicken, beef, pork, salsa, queso.....just a whole bunch of goodness.

The great news for out educators is that they can score free burritos next week in honor of them dedicating their lives to education.

On Tuesday May 8th, teachers can score BOGO burritos. Simply buy one burrito, and you will get one free starting at 3 p.m. and running until close.

The offer is open to ALL educational staff. This includes educators from pre-school to universities AND includes all school staff. Teachers and non-teaching staff is included in this offer.

Everyone must bring their identification cards that say they works at one of these facilities and participating locations.

Since the offer is BOGO, I would go with a friend or co-worker. You can cheat the system a little bit and basically score half off burritos.

More information can be found on Chipotle's official website.  

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