The Fourth of July is on Wednesday, which means you've probably got to work on Tuesday and again on Thursday and that means the day probably won't be as fun as when it falls on a Monday or Friday, allowing for a long weekend, right? Wrong!

The Fourth of July may fall on a Wednesday this year, but you have the power to make the day memorable by showing off your spirit by making a true American dessert.

Can you think of anything more American than a gluttonous red, white and blue cake stuffed with three kinds of pie? Thought not!

I have to admit that while I'll probably never have the patience to actually make this, I'm a bit intrigued by the concoction that Chef Charles Phoenix has created. It's a Fourth of July version of the "Cherpumple" (which is a concoction of different flavors of pies stuffed inside different layers of cakes).

This bad boy is made up of cherry pie, blueberry pie, apple pie, 3 boxes of cake mix, and 6 cans of cream cheese frosting topped with Pop Rocks and American flags.

They had me at "Pop Rocks." I mean, who doesn't love Pop Rocks?

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