I don't usually like to stay on Facebook for too long because of all the negativity that I find on there. When it comes to Facebook, I look at it this way: If you and I disagree on a subject, there is nothing that I write that will change your mind and I certainly know that there is nothing that you will write that will change my mind. So why go there?

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However, I did see one thing recently that got me thinking. I've seen a few people ask the question, "What are four words that I would tell my younger self?" Hmmm!

4 Words That I Would Tell My Younger Self

The first thing that came to mind was "WATCH OUT FOR 2020."  I don't know if "2020" counts as a word but if it fits my narrative, I'm going with it.

The next four words that came to my mind brought a HUGE smile to my face: "2004 CHANGES YOUR LIFE." Once again, I'm using a number as a word to fit my narrative. I would remind my younger self of those four words every time I started to feel down.

2004 was the year that my daughter, Tara was born. She is a gift from God and she saved me in ways that she will never know. I know that we aren't supposed to put our kids ahead of God and I try not to.

She's developed into a remarkable young woman and I'm extremely proud of her. I've done what I could and she's done even more for me. Those are my four words, what about you?
                            Here are some songs that make me think of her?

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