The Binghamton area has a state university that participates in Division I sports. It has successful baseball, softball, and wrestling teams. It also made March Madness one year in college basketball.

SUNY Broome is also not far away, where a solid percentage of students, many of whom are student athletes, chose to attend after graduating high school.

So can someone tell me why the Binghamton area does not have at least one college football team?

I'm sure the answer to that has something to do with finances, but I would venture to say that at most colleges that have a college football team, that is the most popular sports.

Especially since we live in an area that absolutely lives for high school football, why haven't we given college football a crack?

Here's some solid reasons as to why we should definitely give college football a try.

HIKE! Why The Binghamton Area Needs A College Football Team

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