We're always talking about what the Southern Tier needs. You know, things like better weather, more things to do, more/better jobs, more concerts, people being nicer (although that's it's a trademark of us New Yorkers being rude, right?)

Well, that's all good I suppose, but as they say, "It is what it is." I think some people like to complain about our area because they just want to complain about something. Or just to get other people riled up. I see that on a daily basis on social media.

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Or maybe they truly hate the area for various reasons but are not currently able to escape to that dream destination in some other part of the country or world or maybe even another planet. I don't know.

So, I thought that instead of some things the Southern Tier needs, I'd come up with some things the Southern Tier doesn't need more of. That doesn't mean we won't get these things on my list, these are just things I think we've had enough of, or could have to endure a little less.

Agree or disagree. And feel free to add to my list of things you think the Southern Tier could use less of.

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