She's given up sleep, warm meals, and daily showers. She can't remember the last time that she had a day to herself or went out with friends but she doesn't really mind because taking care of her family truly is what brings her joy. The sound of her kids calling out, "Mama!" is the sweetest sound she's ever heard and she melts when they snuggle themselves into her body. She's their protector, their hero, their nurturer.

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Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 10, and I would bet that the mom in your life has found herself wondering if her special day will be skipped completely this year due to the Coronavirus or if her family will find a way to celebrate her anyway.

I can't speak for all moms, but I can tell you that this mom melts over thoughtful, homemade gifts. The homemade gifts I've received over the years for Mother's Day are among my most treasured possessions.

Here are some super easy to make Mother’s Day gifts that you can make on your own or have your kids help you make for mom.

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