New York Governor Kathy Hochul says 52 farms are approved to grow marijuana for the future adult recreational market.

The Cannabis Control Board on April 14 announced the “Adult-use Cannabis Conditional Cultivator” licenses from a pool of over 150 that had been submitted since March 15.

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The news release from the Governor’s office provides a link to the listing of all the farms that have gained approval so far, but none of the locations or general regions where those farms are situated is included in the listing.

Among the farms listed: Main Street Farms LLC which is shown in a search as being located in Cortland, Enfield Glen Hopyard in Tompkins County, Tricolla Gardens in Birkshire and Bone Creek Farm in Deposit.

The award of the initial licenses allows growers to start planting for the current growing season prior to the start of legal sale of recreational marijuana.

Licensed farmers will be limited to one acre outdoors or a little more than a half acre in a greenhouse.

The Office of Cannabis Management will continue to review applications on a rolling basis.

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The State still has to open the application window for dispensaries to start legally selling recreational marijuana.

The Board has also directed the Office of Cannabis Management to update regulations for medical home cultivation and open a 45-day public comment period starting on May 4.

Some changes in those regulations include updating definitions of terms like “private residence”, adjusting the plant limits and amending some of the storage and security requirements.

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