The Firemen’s Association of the State of New York is excited to announce that they'll be holding their 13th Annual Firefighter Winter Games in Cortland this Friday, February 9th through Sunday, February 11th.

The games are hosted by the Cortland County Firemen’s Association and more than 300 firefighters from all across the state of New York are expected to participate during the three-day event which features activities such as tubing; a sled pull; tug-o-war; hose race and broomball.

While there's a lot of bragging done by the winners (and rightfully so), the games actually serve another purpose and that's to provide firefighters with training opportunities needed to hone important firefighting skills. For instance, the hose relay helps firefighters better understand how vital it is to have speedy, efficient and close teamwork when fighting a fire.

The games are open to the public to watch and will be held at Greek Peak Adventure Center in Cortland.  If you're a firefighter and would like to participate in the winter games, you can register here. If you'd like to attend the games to cheer on the firefighters from your town who will be participating, you can reach out to the Fireman's Association of the Southern Tier at 800-232-7692.

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