Talk about fire on ice! A Zamboni burst into flames while cleaning the ice at a New York rink.

Mary Prusak shared the scary video of the fire after her sons hockey practice. "Grateful everyone is safe," she tweeted.

It happened Wednesday, October 14th at Bill Gray's Regional Iceplex in Rochester. Management at the iceplex tells 13WHAM, the fire was caused from a hose on the machine that broke and leaked fluid on the motor.

Russ Bites shared a close up look at the scary moment on the ice.

Luckily no one was injured since all players were already off the ice. Kudos to the driver, who somehow managed to remain calm and drive the Zamboni off the ice before it caused more damage.

David Fionn Clarke once had a Zamboni blow up while he was driving. "It blew its radiator hose and stop dead with a loud bang in a cloud of smoke and green anti freeze during a Midget Provincial match in the old Centennial Arena," said Clarke. "I feel this guy's pain. There are two propane tanks next to the driver and that could have meant the whole crowd would be feeling more than pain."

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