You've picked out the perfect costume and you just know that it's so amazing that you're going to wow everyone at the Halloween party you're going to, but for all of its amazingness, you need one more thing to put your costume over the top. Have you been tossing around the idea of getting Halloween themed contacts? Honestly, you're better off running as fast as you can from the idea.

Sure, the creepy and cool looking contact lenses will make your eyes look extra spooky this Halloween, but they come with a very serious health warning. Federal health officials say that most of the ones you find in the stores are not only unapproved by the FDA but that they're most likely illegal.

If that's not enough to scare you, here's another reason: they can cause blindness. The FDA is strongly encouraged not to wear these over the counter Halloween themed contacts because they can damage your eyes and could cause blindness.

According to the FDA, people should not use contacts purchased at Halloween stores, beauty stores, on the internet, or anywhere else where a prescription is not required. And by the way, the warning isn't just limited to Halloween themed contacts- the warning covers all decorative contacts.

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