Throughout the history of Television there have been many catch phrases that will forever memorialize those characters, here are a few of my favorites.

"Nip it", "Danger Will Robinson", "Bookum' Danno", "How you doing?", "D'oh!", "Bah-zinga!".

The above are all famous TV catch phrases and no matter what decade you grew up in, they were all still relevant.

I have been a TV sitcom fan since I was a child, watching the old reruns of 'The Honeymooners', 'The Andy Griffith Show', and 'Lost in Space'. Today I enjoy shows like, 'The Big Bang Theory' and 'The Simpsons'.

Some of my all time favorite TV shows with memorable catch phrases include Ralph Kramden on 'The Honeymooners' with "To the moon, Alice!" or "Bang zoom!". Of course then there's Fred G. Sanford's, "I'm coming, Elizabeth" and "You big dummy!".

I think the show with most catch phrases though has to go to 'Seinfeld'. From "Hello Newman", "Yadda yadda", to "No soup for you" and "Those pretzels are making me thirsty". Virtually every episode has a catch phrase that identifies it!

Check out some of the biggest TV catchphrases on the videos below. I hope they bring back some great memories and get you talking to your co-workers about them.

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