Today is National ‘Walk in the Park’ day so I thought I would blog about my 5 favorite places to walk in Greater Binghamton.

A simple 30 minute can bring great benefits like, losing weight, strengthening your legs and muscles, and your heart.

Walking also clears our mind and can alleviating stress.

Many people go for a walk to ponder important decisions in their lives.

Spring has arrived in the northeast and the mountains of snow that were dumped on us a few weeks ago are a faded memory with only a few small white patches remaining.

Right now the ground is soggy but there are still many places to walk in Greater Binghamton, here are my top five.


  1. Rail Trails: The ‘Rail Trails’ located off the Vestal Parkway provides a 3.8-mile asphalt paved area to walk on, there is plenty of parking on either end, and the trail has mile markers. It is wheel chair accessible.
  2.  Otsiningo Park: Located in Binghamton Otsiningo Park has a paved trail that loops around the entire park infrastructure, there are also tables and grills if you want to have lunch before or after a nice walk through the park.
  3. Greenwood Park: located in Lisle, NY and accessible off route 26 through the Maine, NY area, there are planet of wooded trails and also a paved road that goes around the park, you can walk, bike, skate, there are picnic tables and grills, with seasonal swimming and camping
  4.  Recreation Park: Located on Beethoven and Seminary in Binghamton, this urban park is on the west side of Binghamton and offers some paved walking areas, a playground, picnic tables tennis courts, and a carousel, another nice place to take a lunchtime walk if you work nearby.
  5.  Roundtop Picnic Area: Located off route 17C in Endicott take Lillian Avenue and follow the signs. there are a few places to walk, picnic tables and pavilion,and the best view of the valley and scenic mountains surrounding Greater Binghamton,


Summer is coming, but it’s not too soon to make plans for a walk in the park.


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