While going through Facebook last night, I saw quite a few different GoFundMe accounts for Maddox Lawrence. I was torn between wondering if some were trying to capitalize on the murder of a child or whether people really did have good intentions.

In any case, the family of Maddox have told CNYCentral that there is only one GoFundMe account for Maddox that they have sanctioned.

The page is called "Baby Maddox" and features a photo of Maddox wearing grey pants and standing in a field. The page also features a picture of Maddox with her mother, Morgan.

The original campaign description reads,

Maddox Lawrence, a 21 month old baby from Syracuse NY, was tragically taken from the world too soon. Morgan Lawrence, the mother of precious baby Maddox, is greving the loss of her beautiful baby girl. As one of Morgan's friends, I ask for the communities help in raising money for baby Maddox, and to help out Morgan as best as we can. We will never forget you Maddox. Rest in peace angel. 100% of proceeds will go to Morgan Lawrence.

The most recent update reads,

The funeral cost will be paid through the Onondaga county DA's office victim assistance program.


Although the funeral for baby Maddox will be covered by victim's assistance, I would imagine that her mother, Morgan, has and will miss quite a bit of work and that she would appreciate any financial assistance our community can give as she faces her darkest of days.

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