Don't even ask how I stumbled on this because I don't even know. One minute I was looking through my news feed and the next I was somehow on a page within Facebook soliciting mentors for other Facebook users.

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What are Facebook mentorships? I needed to know and so I did some research and discovered that Facebook is now offering opportunities for people to mentor those seeking help in various areas. Struggling with anxiety? There’s a mentor for that. Feel like you’re flopping as a parent? There’s a mentor for that. Looking to take control of your health? There’s a mentor for that. If you can think of a human issue, chances are excellent there is a mentor on Facebook who is ready to help.

Are the mentors professional experts in the subject someone needs mentoring in? Nope. According to Facebook in order to apply to be a mentor,

From your News Feed click Groups in the left menu and select your group. Click Mentorship below the cover photo. Click Become a Mentor. Add some information about yourself and the topics you can help people with then click Submit. You'll be notified when people are interested in mentorship, and you can decide who you want to mentor."

That's it. I mean, there are a couple of stipulations such as there should be no money exchanged, that if a person decides to meet with their mentor they should do so in a public place, mentorships should last for up to ten weeks, and both mentors and those seeking mentors must be at least 18-years-old.

I took a walk through the descriptions of a few mentors in subjects that might appeal to me such as dealing with anxiety and spirituality. The small blurb of the person who popped up as being someone who might be a good mentor for me for anxiety issues read, "I hate all of the prostitutes in Kerrville." Um. How about no? The second suggestion for spirituality? Well, that blurb read, "I know how to restore cow lactation naturally."  Yeah. Cow lactation is basically the last thing I ever imagined I'd be offered mentorship in.

I see nothing that could possibly go wrong with allowing just anyone, with no training or background checks to offer life advice to strangers, do you (said dripping with sarcasm because it's 2020 and everyone takes everything the wrong way)?

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