Technology is moving faster that some methods can keep up, virtual reality glasses, retina scans and many other advancements involving our vision.

An article on the website Gizmodo says science is on the verge of developing a contact lens that can tell you if you blood sugar is low.

The new lens type can also detect if one of your organs is not functioning properly.

This technology could lead to other findings including cancer and other potentially serious diseases.

I couldn’t explain this if  I tried, but apparently they can implant different types of micro-sensors in the lens to detect all kinds of things happening in your body.

I can’t use contact lenses they just mess up my eyes, plus I have a bad astigmatism.

I’m sure other methods of detecting possible fatal diseases before they become life threatening are coming.

How much longer will the average person live in the future? 95? 100? 110?

The potential, is there.

[via Gizmodo]

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