The Cash Cow returns next Monday and you could win $1000, so what fun things would you do if you won a Grand, here’s a few ideas.

Monday May 15th 98.1 the Hawk will be giving you two daily chances to win $1000 with the Cash Cow.


  • It always fun to think about what you would do with an extra $1000 so here is a few suggestions.
  •  Fill up my granddaughter’s kiddy swimming with margarita mix and invite my friends over to help me drink it all
  •  Treat my entire family to a Rumble Ponies game with VIP treatment.
  •  A shopping junket to our local shops and mall, I could use some new clothes especially socks and underwear.
  •  Get matching tattoos, I’m really not into that but if you share something special with a loved one that you would want on you forever, $1000 should buy you some moderate ink.
  •  Buy something to enjoy at home, maybe a gaming system, smart TV, or one of those pop up gazebos for the yard.
  •  Learn to dance, there are all kinds of dance lessons offered around town, salsa, disco, ballroom, line dancing, sign yourself and your spouse up for some lessons
  •  Invest in something like old coins or other collectables, it’s a risk but usually if you keep these things they will increase in value and make great conversation pieces too.
  •  Split the cash in half paying bills with one pile and with the other pile take a mini vacation, like renting a cabin at State Park, or camping at one of the area campgrounds, maybe visit an amusement park.
  •  How about taking your significant other on a super date, complete with manicures and pedicures, you could throw in a spa treatment, then a nice dinner and a movie or a show somewhere.
  •  You could also invest some, or all of the grand in stocks, IRA, or take a course from a college or other local institution.


If I won a thousand dollars, I would go for creating a memory, something that I could look back on and say that was the best grand I ever spent.

What would you do?

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