Endicott entrepreneur and Tioga County resident, Patrick Malyszek, can proudly claim to be a bestselling author with his recent publication - a book about his adventures in Alaska. The book has gained tremendous popularity among travel and adventure enthusiasts, claiming a #1 bestseller spot on Amazon.

When he was a young boy, Patrick used to explore the woods behind his childhood home and fit was there that he found peace in solitude. This fascination with nature and the great outdoors set the tone for Patrick's future travel to Alaska, which allowed him to explore some of the most beautiful and remote landscapes on the planet.

In his book, "Realm of the Adventurer: A Journey Beyond Boundaries," Patrick shares some of his favorite adventures, including some close encounters with the wilderness - from being charged by a grizzly bear to having mishaps during river crossings. His storytelling style is engaging and thrilling, which helps showcase the exciting world of travel and adventure. His travel memoir has received outstanding reviews on Amazon, with readers appreciating his writing style and the inspiring life lessons he shares throughout his journey.

One reviewer, Esther Dan, describes her experience reading Patrick's book as an enjoyable and inspiring read. She commends the author for being able to share deep thoughts through his writing. Another review by Mark C. describes how Patrick's book captures the writer's journeys through Alaska and how he relates his treks as neither successes nor failures, but rather as part of what shapes and makes him who he is.

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Many other reviewers share similar sentiments, with one describing the book as both funny and compelling, making it hard to put down. Another reviewer commented on how the author challenges life and has a passion for living, which is both motivating and inspiring.

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