Every Upstate New Yorker knows at least one person who somehow wears shorts year-round!

Photo: Brian Cody TSM
Photo: Brian Cody TSM


The other night while stopped at a gas station in Albany, a man got out of his car and started pumping in the sub-zero temps next to me. He was a burly man in his mid 40's wearing a Buffalo Bills hoodie and Nike athletic shorts.  We all know one guy (it's never, ever a woman) who wears shorts year-round, even in the freezing cold.  Who is he? I think I have the answer.  Tell me if you agree.

I was freezing cold and it was easily the most torturous 3 minutes of my life, but he didn't look bothered by the conditions at all.  In fact, shorts in the winter guy appeared to be thriving, ya gotta love him!

Who is he? I think I have the answer.  Tell me if you agree.

This is the guy who bats 4th on your softball team, orders a pitcher or two of beer before everyone arrives at the bar, and orders 50 hot chicken wings just to get the party started.

He also is the best darn little league coach you've ever had, throws the best Super Bowl party east of Vegas, has bowled a perfect game, loves his local high school football team, is deathly loyal to his employer, his family and would rather starve than eat tofu.

He hates cancel culture, backs the blue, was happier than hell when Chris Cuomo was fired by CNN, loves to scare the kiddies at Halloween, despises veggies on his pizza, and shovels all the elderly neighbor's driveways without having to be asked.

 He's pretty much the guy we all want to be and more.

Shorts in the winter guy drinks .99 cent coffee, loves 70's classic rock, Kid Rock and the Zach Brown Band, but also appreciates 90's Hip Hop and will get down with some Katie Perry at a wedding.  The same wedding where he's more than likely the absolute star on the dance floor with his "I really don't give a sh*t dance moves."

In other words, he's pretty much the guy we all want to be and more. So next time you see shorts in the winter guy, don't look at him funny or ask him if he's freezing.  Instead, applaud him for doing things his way, and maybe ask to buy him a cup of coffee.

Just not Starbucks.

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