‘Tis the season for scams and while most scams hit on the national level like the IRS scam or the Nigerian Prince scam, a new one is hitting us right here at home. Most people know about the IRS or Nigerian scams, but when the scam is coming from a local, small-town municipality it might be difficult for some to discern whether or not things are on the up and up.

Should you get a call from an 800 number and should the person claim to be Officer James Allen of the Endicott Police Department,  this is a scam.

According to Endicott Police Department Assistant Chief Craig Williams,

THE ENDICOTT POLICE DEPARTMENT DOES NOT HAVE AN OFFICER JAMES ALLEN EMPLOYED AT THIS DEPARTMENT. In addition, the Endicott Police Department does not solicit payment of fines over the phone or request anyone to purchase debit cards or money wires to settle these fines. If anyone receives this phone call or something similar, please DO NOT SEND OR MAKE ARRANGEMENTS FOR PAYMENTS OVER THE PHONE. If anyone receives one of these calls, contact the Endicott Police Department at 607-785-3341. If you have any questions relating to fines that they may owe, contact the Village of Endicott Court at 607-757-2483.

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