The second defendant in Broome County's so-called "Million-Dollar Drug Bust" that netted enough fentanyl to, in the words of police, "kill every man, woman and child in Broome County two times" is spending the next decade in prison.

Broome County Sheriff Dept. mug shot, Johnnah DeGraw

31-year-old Johnnah DeGraw was sentenced March 29 to 12 years in state prison for felony criminal possession of a controlled substance.

The Deposit woman's co-defendant, Marlon Graham, was sentenced in March to 15 years in prison.

Broome Sheriff Dept. mug shot Marlon Graham

The pair was found to be in possession of pounds of fentanyl as well as enormous amounts of heroin and methamphetamine worth over $1 million, $25,000 in suspected drug sale proceeds and drug-packaging material.